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Dr. Corey Walker
Dr. Corey Talks About Disk Replacements

Yoga For You

Chair Yoga Routine
Sequence A
Sequence B
Sequence C
Sequence D

Daily Activities Edition

Brushing Teeth
Correct Posture When You are in the Passenger Seat
Correct Posture When Driving
Getting In and Out of Chair Properly
Getting In and Out of the Car Properly
How-to pick-up stuff: Trick #1 Golfers Pick Up
How-to pick-up stuff: Trick #2 Full Squat
How-to pick-up stuff: Trick #3 Half Kneel
How to Pick Up or Reach Into Things
How to Relieve Pain From Prolonged Standing
Mopping The Floor
Pre / Post Walking Routine
Sleeping on Your Back
Sleeping on Your Stomach
Sleeping on Your Side
Sweeping The Floor

Holiday Edition

Wrapping Gifts
Holiday Decorating
Loading Your Car
Reaching Into The Oven
Cooking Time

How To’s

How To Decompress Your Lower Back
How To Use A Traction Machine
How To Use A Slant Board
How To Massage That Scar
How to Help The Kink in Your Back
How to Use a Backbridge
How to Help Fix That Kink in Your Neck
How to Stretch Tennis Elbow
How to Relieve Pain From Rotator Cuff Tendinitis
How to Gap Your Knee
How to Relieve Wrist Pain
How to Traction Your Hip
How to Stretch Your Thumbs
How to Relieve Neck Pain at Your Desk
How to Relieve Shoulder Pain at Your Desk
How-to pick-up stuff: Trick #4 Kick And Sit
How-to pick-up stuff: Trick #5 Hip Hinge Phase 1
How-to pick-up stuff: Trick #5 Hip Hinge Phase 2
How to Use The Soft Collar