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This is one of the stupidest quotes I’ve ever heard. The only time this expression is actually accurate is when you’re making millions of dollars as a professional athlete or are trying to win an Olympic medal. That being said, if neither of those apply to you, it’s time to listen up.

The expression “No Pain No Gain” is asinine! If you have pain during or following your exercise or an activity then you are causing tissue damage. Think of it this way; If I put a flame under your hand, you would first feel the heat of the flame and when it started feel too hot you would quickly move your hand in order to avoid a burn. However by putting into effect the “No Pain No Gain” attitude you would leave your hand over the flame causing a burn which would then result in tissue damage.

Tissue damage is cumulative and the exercise or the activity that you think is helping will result in some type of injury.

If it hurts… It’s not helpful