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David Daily graduated from Florida A&M Physical Therapy program in 1991. After graduating he took one-year assignment with National Medical Enterprises traveling all across the United States to various facilities. There he had an opportunity to work with a variety of specialized therapists across the country. Once done with his assignment he returned to his hometown of Jacksonville where he started to advance his Physical Therapy credentials at the University of Saint Augustine. He acquired the distinguished Manual Therapy Certification, which was directly supervised b Stanley Paris PT, who is a pioneer in the Manual Therapy realm of Physical Therapy. For the past 25 yrs, David has dedicated his time and energy into perfecting his profession. He has owned and worked for many successful outpatient settings before finally settling in his own private practice, Daily Therapy. He has developed a relationship with all the lead Orthopedic Doctors in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Beverly Hills area making him one of the most sought-after Physical Therapist in the Los Angeles area.