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Executive Director

Nicci Solomons serves as Executive Director for the Foundation. She is responsible for everything from management, budgeting, contract negotiations, vendor management, and human resources. She helps with day-to-day operations so that the business is run more efficiently.

Nicci Solomons has previously worked for the American Institute of Architects Los Angeles Chapter since 1993, serving as its Executive Director for 22 of those years. During that time, Nicci has helped to grow AIA Los Angeles from 1800 to more than 3000 members, consistently maintaining the Chapter as one of the top five AIA components in the nation.

During her tenure as Executive Director, Nicci has successfully managed two National AIA Conventions in Los Angeles, implemented numerous new programs, and continues to work strategically with the Board of Directors on ways to perpetually improve the organization.

As a direct result of her successful leadership of the AIA|LA, Nicci has participated as a panelist on numerous occasions, providing workshops and coaching for her colleagues around the country. She has spoken on panels at the AIA Council Association of Component Executives (CACE) Annual Meeting, the 2009 AIA National Convention, the Knowledge Leadership Assembly, and at the AIA National Grassroots Conference. Panels she has been a part of included: Good Boards Don’t Just Happen; Component Operating Framework & Manuals; and Non-Dues Revenue and Your Budget: Developing New Wealth in Your Component.

In addition to her work locally, Nicci has held various leadership positions at both the State and National level, including CACE Secretary, California CACE President, and AIA California Council Vice President for California CACE. Nicci’s success in these various positions comes from her ability to utilize her communication strengths and nearly two decades of executive experience to develop a forum for open discussion of key issues and to enable all AIA Chapters, large and small, to grow in membership, resources and solidarity.

For her years of involvement with AIA, Nicci was recognized by AIA Los Angeles with Honorary AIA|LA in 1999 and by AIA California Council with Honorary AIACC in 2004, and in 2013 she received the National Honorary AIA title. In 2010, the Southern California Development Forum presented her with their SCDF Award for Outstanding Services to LA Architecture.